The Key to the Future is in the Integrated IT Systems

The Key to the Future is in the Integrated IT Systems
21 April 2016

Information technologies can help make peoples lives easier and better organized. Creating smart cities is a process evolving round the world, which focus on creating a digital citizenship through integrated IT solutions. This was the main topic of our dicussion during the Webit Festival, 19-20th April at Sofia Tech Park. The forum dedicated to technology, innovation and investment, was a place where Telelink revealed the company’s vision for its contribution to digital citizenship.
The key strategic move for helping society fully benefit from the advancement of IT sector is the integration between disparate systems. Crucial in this transformation is the role of local legislation which must be aligned with the process of modernization in cities – said Stefan Malinowski, project manager at Telelink.
Telelink has already developed and successfully deployed a number of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) projects. Among these are the adaptive traffic management system as well as the public transport priority management system that ease traffic in big cities every day.
“The advancement of information technology in Bulgaria is not just business. It is a cause for our company. We are trying to support young entrepreneurs, to inspire them to grow in the country. Telelink drives and cultivates internal entrepreneurship through creating and developing innovative projects. Apart from the ITS, we leverage our experience in the healthcare industry too, where we apply state-of-the art technology solutions. Our mission – to create a sustainable environment for exchanging expert know-how, and introduce a favourable business climate among local and foreign companies – leads us, moving forward, every day. Supporting the business environment and the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation can be the backbone of present day  country’s economy: to keep, an even bring the talent back in Bulgaria!”, stated Lyubomir Minchev, owner and founder of Telelink.
To support innovative entrepreneurship, Lyubomir Minchev joined a group of prominent Bulgarian entrepreneurs to provide a seed investment award to a winning startup company at the end of the Festival.

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