Telelink Introduces Windows Server 2016

Telelink Introduces Windows Server 2016
14 Octomer 2016

Telelink introduced the new Microsoft server operation system Windows Server 2016 to IT experts at a technology event in Sofia. Windows Server 2016 is the first version of Windows Server „born into the cloud”, it is software defined and based on Azure. It offers a huge variety of enhacements and tools for control and security, Linux integration and a lighter version called Nano Server, all of which are designed to empower organizations with more effective technology systems.


„The secured virtual machines are amongst the most amazing new features of Windows Server 2016“, said Telelink Solution Manager Ognyan Yuskeseliev. Linux support is strongly available in a number of ways. „In Azure around 30 percent of all virtual machines are on Linux. Hyper-V has an excellent Linux support”. This includes Powershell support for Linux, as well as for MacOS. „Such an approach would allows us to save a huge amount of time and give us an opportunity to use our knowledge in the most effective way – everything we learned about Powershell is equally applicable for Linux, and for MacOS”, he added.

Hyper-V, storage, and clustering are actively supported by IIS, DNS Server, as well as the new functionality for containers by the new Nano Server installation. Its management is simple and flowless, in a console-type view. It is extremely optimized - processes are less than 20, during its start/when you start to run it.

There are two versions of Windows Server 2016 offering - Standard and Data Center. “There are changes not only related to its licensing, which is not per processor anymore and now per core, and also in terms of functionality“,Telelink experts said. Data Center version includes software defined networking and software defined storage functionalities.


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