Sveta Marina Hospital

The project for Sveta Marina Hospital in the city of Pleven included the design and integration of high-tech data center solution, used as private cloud and enabling the virtualization and consolidation of a large number of IT applications run by the hospital. The data center is completely redundant to ensure a high reliability and availability of the information systems, taking into account the critical importance of the activities performed in the hospital. The solution includes high-end x86 servers, disk arrays with more than 60 terabytes of storage space for information and software virtualization, backup and recovery, and server operating systems. The modern data center allows for rapid and effective deployment of specialized software systems that the hospital uses - HIS, PACS, RIS, Image diagnostics, RFID tracking, and more.
As part of the project we integrated a high-speed converged local network providing a capacity of 1 Gbps on all access ports and 20 Gbps on the aggregation ones, as well as a wireless network with hospital-wide coverage based on the 802.11ac/n standards.
The project ended with the deployment of an IP telephony system, which provides effective and multifunctional communication between employees of the hospital. The high-speed medical grade network infrastructure allows for the future activation of various services for patients and hospital staff, such as multimedia applications, Internet, IPTV, and many others.
The integrated solution is based on equipment and software prodived by leading IT manufacturers, such as Cisco Systems, EMC, and Microsoft